Opportunities for quiet time away from the family routine is comforting and calming for some children while others find increased movement and stimulation have an organizing effect. Many children with sensory challenges are unable to participate in family activities including meals because their need for movement or decreased stimulation result in distracting behaviors and an inability to purposefully participate in shared experiences.

The pediatric specialists at the CP Center are available to conduct in-home Sensory Places in Natural Spaces assessments, or S.P.I.N.S., to assist in the identification of sensory space for children who:
  • Become agitated with loud sounds?
  • Require more space within which to move?
  • Seek quiet and isolated spaces?
  • Engage in repetitive movements or behaviors?
  • Struggle with attention and focus?
Our specialists will provide you with strategies to easily incorporate into your daily routine, and establish a sensory plan customized to your child’s unique needs and interests. Sensory space analysis and design is conducted by Occupational Therapists in your home. Results and recommendations are shared at the same visit. Additional visits are available upon request.

You have options. Creating sensory places within your home ranges from simple solutions to establishing a dedicated room in which to provide increased stimulation and movement opportunities. All sensory plans are customized to your child’s needs and interests.

For more information on scheduling a S.P.I.N.S. analysis and our fees, contact CP's Intake Specialist at 920-337-1121 extension 1220.

2015 SPINS project: Sensory Safe Room at the Resch Center