Breaking Barriers with Creative Solutions

For people who use a communication device, the world can be a difficult place to navigate. Our goal is to support you in your advocacy for your family member’s education and/or community integration.

We recognize many education and school-based therapy professionals, as well as family members have limited experience and training in the full potential of Assistive Communication Technologies (ACT). The specialists at CP have received comprehensive training. With access to a wide variety of devices, accessibility strategies, ongoing communication with vendors and the experience to support, train and recommend the best programming applications for your family member’s speech generating device, our specialists will help your family member realize their full potential.

PACT Objectives
- Maximize speech generating device utilization across communication partners and environments.
- Maximize participation in activities at home, school, work and the community.
- Maximize communication/interaction with non-disabled communication partners.

- Increased self-motivation
- Increased independence
- Increased participation
- Increased learning and life experiences
- Increased student accountability
- Increased recognition of potential

Communication Objectives
- Increased functional use across all environments
- Increased functional use across all communication partners
- Increased customized communication strategies

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"Working with the PACT plans was an excellent way to start alternative communication for my patient. We were able to trial a device that we thought would work well for the patient and receive training on the device specifically. Tessa was great at answering any of my questions and help customize the device for my patient's specific needs."

~ Sara, Speech-Language Pathologist, Rennes Health and Rehab Center