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Adaptive Computer Access

The inability to speak or to speak clearly is isolating and limits children from participating in academic, social and vocational pursuits. Specifically trained speech pathologists and communication technology specialists assess and train children in the functional use of basic non-speech communication boards as well as sophisticated, computer–based devices with electronic speech output including the iPad.

Some children with physical challenges are prevented from using home and school computers in their conventional forms. Adaptive computer access assists them in meeting these challenges using effective alternative equipment, modifications as needed and workstation adjustments to maximize independent computer utilization.

Services that extend beyond the initial assessment include:Equipment trials
  • Placing the equipment order
  • Equipment customization
  • Equipment training and support

Who benefits from communication and computer technologies?

Programming and services are available to children with a diagnoses and/or conditions including: Apraxia, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Behavioral/Emotional Instability, CP and developmental delays.

Our extensively trained staff are specifically certified as Assistive Communication Technologies specialists. They also provide training opportunities for educational professionals, therapists, support staff, parents, family members and caregivers. Visit the Programming Advanced Customization and Training section for more information.

Information about Referrals, Eligibility and Fees. (PDF)