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Individuals age 18 years and older may participate in our adult therapy programming. This includes occupational, physical and/or speech-language therapies.

A comprehensive evaluation will be completed with adults who have orthopedic, neurological and mobility concerns. Additionally, we evaluate sensory, fine motor and visual perceptual skills. Communication and swallowing deficits are addressed through our speech therapy program and may include our assistive communication technology services.

Impairments in any of these areas may be impacting daily routines and an individual’s capacity to live safely and independently in their home. For individuals with memory or cognitive concerns, we complete standardized testing to assess orientation, memory and problem solving skills. It’s important to establish a baseline for cognitive function to allow for compensatory strategies which support maximum independence.

Functional goals are established and strategies are developed to facilitate progress and the transfer of skills to other settings including home and the community. Engaging the family in programming is an essential component to maximizing each individual’s ability to reach maximum benefit from therapy.

Learn about requirements for REFERRALS, ELIGIBILITY and FEES (PDF)