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Swim & Exercise
Goal: To provide opportunities for clients to work on improving their physical status and fitness level. Clients swim off site and may participate in exercise classes, therapeutic swim or group exercise classes to accomplish their goals. Some of the tools that are used are; adaptive floatation devices, 3-wheeled bikes, prone standers and gait trainers. These tools along with range of motion provide clients with a wide range of choices.

Goal: To provide opportunities for clients that have difficulty regulating their sensory system to be exposed to a safe sensory environment. CP Lakeshore's sensory room, located in a multipurpose space, provides an environment in which stimulating activities and experiences are used to increase awareness and positive outcomes for individuals with severe sensory impairments or neurological challenges. We employ a proven, therapeutic approach that encourages gentle stimulation of the senses in a safe and non-threating environment.

Functional Recreation
Goal: To provide opportunities for clients to be exposed to a variety of activities to improve their level of independence with daily living skills. CP staff work with clients to learn such skills as basic cooking, healthy living, client advocacy, public speaking and community safety. Clients may participate in kitchen, life skills, creative cooking, and health and nutrition classes.

Social Recreation
Goal: To expose clients to a variety of recreational and activities to improve their knowledge and exposure to a vast array of recreational choices. Clients may participate different classes such as painting, ceramics, woodwork, crafts and photography. CP staff works closely with clients to maximize client participation through modeling, HOH assistance and adaptive tools.

Functional Life Skills - Computer Lab & Academics
Computer Lab Goal: To provide clients with opportunities to access the computer along with exploring computer lab accessibility tools that are available.

Academics Goal: CP staff work with clients to improve their ability to navigate within their community by providing skills in functional reading and math, including money handling skills.

Personal Cares
Goal: To provide the highest quality service in the provision of personal cares to clients enrolled in the adult program. Most clients enrolled in the Adult Program need some assistance with personal cares. Our personal care team is trained in all aspects of care needs, transfers and other special care needs that the clients may require during their day. CP does not employ a nurse. All client medical needs are handled on an individual basis.