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Client Spotlight
If there is one word that best describes Anna, it would be inspirational. At 23, Anna is a young, vibrant woman that knows what she wants and has a clear direction on where she wants to go.

Anna comes to CP a few days a week and participates in classes in the Adult Day Services program. Some of her favorites are women’s skill building, which involves journaling and discussing topics of interest with the rest of the group, health and nutrition and exercise. “I have a goal of walking the myTEAM TRIUMPH mile,” Anna said. “I practice walking two days a week and I know I’ll get there.”

Anna knows CP quite well. She started coming at nine months and participated in speech, physical and occupational therapy until she was four. As Anna has grown, her needs and goals have grown as well. She has used the classes available at CP to adopt a healthy lifestyle, build close friendships and learn important life skills. The motivation, however, is all Anna. As someone at CP recently said, “Anna is learning the skills she needs to conquer the world.” And no one doubts that she will.

When Anna’s not at CP, she enjoys listening to music and watching movies. One of her favorites is “Tommy Boy,” perfect to show off her great laugh. She also enjoys surfing Facebook on her computer, shopping, going out to eat and having fun. Anna is also very active with myTEAM TRIUMPH.

Cody is just like every other 13 year old boy; he loves technology, is into sports and cheeseburgers are one of his favorite foods.

Cody is also no stranger to hard work. Diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy, autism and most recently spina bifida, Cody has been coming to CP since 2007 and focuses on occupational and physical therapy to help maintain muscle tone.

“When we first started searching for help for Cody, we had heard about CP, but didn’t know very much about it,” said Joy, Cody’s mom. “We thought it was only for people that were diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. But we soon learned otherwise, and after meeting with the people Cody would be working with, we knew this was the right place for him to be in and excel.”

Joy credits Cody’s clinicians with much of his success. “They know how to push Cody in the right direction and keep him challenged,” Joy said. “They also have been very supportive of the work we can do with Cody at home. When we had the opportunity to take Cody to Disney, they worked with us to plan every step of the trip so there would be no surprises so the whole family could enjoy vacation.”

Joy also says that CP is a big part of Cody’s care team. When we first started coming to CP, Cody’s physical therapist, Mary, knew exactly what to do, knew everyone in Cody’s care network, including his doctors, and knew what to communicate, to who and when.” Joy said. “It was a relief to know that there was this strong support network for Cody already in place and that I didn’t have to relay information on my own.”

Joy recalls a time when Cody was non-verbal and didn’t want to do much of anything. But by coming to CP, Cody has made great progress to break through a lot of those barriers so his personality really shines. “Having Cody at CP is one of the best moves we made,” Joy said. “Cody would not have progressed this far without the help they provide. He’s such a fun kid, now everyone gets to see that.”

JJ is just a really cool guy. He was born and raised in Chicago, but has lived many places throughout his life including Milwaukee, Southern California, where he earned an associated degree from Caltech, and Portland. “But as my body started to weaken, it was time to move to where I had a support system in place,” JJ recalls. “It was time to move to Green Bay.”

JJ has been participating in CP’s Adult Day Services programming for about five years. Clients in the program take classes that are individualized based on their personal development goals. For JJ, that includes exercise, swim and ceramics. “In exercise I get to stretch out and occasionally ride the bike. In swim, I can walk in the water with use of a walker and I love to paint, so ceramics fits right in.”

But for JJ, it’s more than just the classes that he feels a benefit from. “I love the way people help each other here,” JJ said. “Not just staff helping clients, but we all help each other to be the best we can be. There is a lot of camaraderie here; it’s the most positive place I can be in.”

JJ is a big collector or music, one of his favorites being Marvin Gaye. And although he grew up in Chicago, JJ cheers for the Packers and his favorite basketball team, the Golden State Warriors.